The  Board of Trustees consists of five elected parent representatives, a staff rep, a student rep and the principal.

The Board’s role is described as ‘governance’,  which means it oversees the policies and procedures the school is run under.

The day to day running of the school is the responsibility of the Principal and his two deputies.

If the School was a business, the Board would be the Directors and the Principal would be the CEO.

The Board is responsible for setting the charter and strategic plan, which the Education Department approves, and all initiatives within the School must fit within.

The Board’s priorities include student achievement, a safe environment conducive to learning, and providing opportunities for students within a budget.

The Board’s meetings are public and any parents are welcome to attend. You can find dates for the upcoming board meeting on our calendar.

You can email the board of trustees chairperson and members at:

Our board of trustees chairperson is Steve Wither.