Hauora Groups

This year, we have introduced vertical form groups, which are called hauora groups. These groups are made up of pupils from Years 0-13 and we meet once a week for twenty minutes. The purpose of these groups is deepen everyone’s sense of belonging and connectedness within our school. Students are forming strong, lasting relationships with teachers and students that they might not usually see in a normal school day. Once students are placed in a hauora group, they will stay in the same group throughout their schooling days at Lawrence Area School. We also see this as another way to develop leadership in our older students.

So far, we have had four meetings this term, and we have been working on getting to know each other, through activities and games. We have also been delving into our school values (Responsibility, Motivation, Respect and Motivation) and defining what we think it means to be a ‘Life Long Learner’.


We have named our groups after native birds and, in the coming weeks, each group will research their bird, and create a presentation to share with the school.


We are very excited about how well these groups have started and we look forward to seeing how they benefit our students and our staff as the year unfolds.